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Police searching for large truck that caused fatal accident

A car accident can cause serious injuries and have life-changing consequences. The chance of a serious or even fatal injury increases when an accident involves a large truck. For example, CBS Atlanta recently reported that police located a semi-truck they believe is responsible for an accident that killed a 34-year-old woman.

Officials investigating the accident stated that the truck may have entered the woman's lane and struck her vehicle. They also noted that the woman's car may have swerved and collided with another vehicle after the truck entered her lane. The woman was thrown from her vehicle after it rolled off the side of the highway. Her husband and two young children survived the accident.

A witness to the accident provided police with information about the truck, which allowed police to track down the driver. The truck did not appear to have any identifying marks or damage indicating its involvement the accident. However, officials stated that it is possible the truck would not show signs of damage if it had only changed lanes improperly, causing the woman's car to swerve into the other vehicle.

Police are still investigating the cause and have yet to file any charges in connection with the accident.

Many accidents are due to overweight trucks

Large truck accidents are not uncommon. The Truck Safety Coalition reports that around 5,000 individuals are killed in accidents involving large trucks each year. Additionally, over 100,000 individuals are injured.

One reason for the high number of accidents is the hefty weight and size of large trucks. The current weight limit for large trucks is 80,000 pounds. The risk of an accident with a large truck that results in death or serious injury increases with each extra ton of weight over this limit. Overweight trucks are also more likely to roll over, and the damage caused by overweight trucks is often more severe.

Furthermore, even trucks within appropriate weight limits may cause significant damage to highways and infrastructure. The Truck Safety Coalition estimates that an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer causes the same amount of damage to highway pavement as approximately 9,600 cars. An overweight truck also has a longer stopping time. It takes a truck carrying 100,000 pounds 25 percent longer to stop than a truck carrying 80,000 pounds.

Finally, it has been shown that overweight trucks do not result in an increase in productivity or efficiency.

Injuries from a large truck accident can result in costly medical bills and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. An individual who suffers injuries due to an accident with a large truck could benefit by speaking with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. A qualified attorney can assist with investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, gathering relevant information and obtaining any available compensation.

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