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Atlanta Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Were You Wrongfully Denied Insurance Coverage?

When you purchase car insurance, you do so in the hopes that you will never have to use it. However, accidents do happen. When they do, obtaining the coverage promised by your insurance company — and that you have paid hundreds of dollars in premiums for — should not be difficult. Too often, unfortunately, insurance companies deny legitimate claims to minimize their obligation to pay.

If you have been wrongfully denied insurance following a serious car accident or other type of accident, the Atlanta law firm of Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC, will stand up for your rights. We represent individuals in Georgia and nationwide with claims bad faith insurance and other consumer protection issues. We will take an aggressive stance to helping you obtain the coverage you need and deserve.

Combating Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance companies use a variety of tactics to minimize their liability. For instance, many insurance policies contain complex legalese which the average consumer does not understand. Insurance companies may also:

  • Claim that damage was caused by sources not covered under the policy
  • Assert that the policyholder neglected to submit proper documentation in a timely fashion
  • Deny the claim outright in hopes the policyholder will not pursue the matter further

Another tactic often used by car insurance companies following a car accident includes only covering damage up to what the car is currently worth in its damaged state, not the value of the car prior to the accident. If you have been the victim of such a diminished value claim, our lawyer will take aggressive steps to ensure you receive the full amount of coverage under your policy.

Our Atlanta bad faith insurance lawyer will fight to protect your rights against big insurance companies. He will explain your policy in clear terms, and work with you throughout the claims process. By providing aggressive and thorough representation, he seeks to obtain maximum compensation in the most efficient manner. If necessary, he will take your claim to court to obtain the coverage you deserve.

We Work Hard for Working People

We understand that you have worked too hard to receive minimal compensation when you need it most. To discuss your claim with our attorney today, contact us at 678-781-1018, toll free at 866-865-3666 or online to schedule a free initial consultation. There is no fee unless you win your case.

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