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Atlanta Debt Collector Harassment Attorney

Aggressive Advocacy Against Creditor Harassment

If you are struggling with debt, the last thing you need is a constant reminder of it. Unfortunately, many debt collectors do not see it that way. They may call you in the middle of the night or at work or nonstop in order to collect on debts. Perhaps you have been threatened with jail or a lawsuit by an aggressive debt collector. All of these tactics may be effective, but what you may not realize is that they are illegal.

At Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC, we protect the rights of individuals who are victims of debt collector harassment. Our attorney takes an aggressive stance to protect your consumers' rights in the face of overwhelming debt. By offering strong advocacy on your behalf, he seeks to help you obtain the peace of mind you need to take care of your financial well-being.

What Debt Collectors Won't Tell You

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects the rights of consumers from aggressive or unfair debt collection. Under this statute, debt collection agencies CANNOT:

  • Call you at unreasonable hours, i.e., before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. in YOUR time zone
  • Disclose the nature of their call or the amount of your debt to any third party, including your family, friends or employer
  • Threaten you with physical harm, criminal prosecution or arrest
  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Call you incessantly so as to harass or annoy you
  • Pretend to be someone else — they must identify themselves as a debt collector
  • Threaten to file a lawsuit unless they actually intend to do it
  • Call you at work if you have already given them notice that your employer does not allow you take personal calls at work

If any of the above tactics have been used against you, our attorney will aggressively defend your right to maintain peace of mind while you figure out your finances. He will investigate whether debt collectors have followed FDCPA guidelines. If not, you may be able to sue for damages for the emotional distress these actions have caused.

Stop Illegal Debt Collection — Contact Our Georgia Attorney Today

No one deserves to be harassed about their debt. For strong advocacy against dishonest debt collectors, contact our firm at 678-781-1018, toll free at 866-865-3666 or online to schedule a free initial consultation with our Atlanta debt collector harassment lawyer.

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