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Atlanta Auto Lemon Law Lawyer

Were You Sold a Lemon?

Did you buy a new car or computer only to have it break down without any explanation? Perhaps you have brought it in for repairs and yet the same problem persists. State lemon laws protect consumers from being stuck with lemons, and could entitle you to your money back, a new replacement or a cash settlement.

At Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC, we can help you understand the complexities of lemon law and whether your car or defective product could be considered a lemon under Georgia lemon laws. Our attorney provides experienced and aggressive representation for consumers in Georgia and throughout the nation.

Understanding Lemon Laws

Lemon laws are best known in the automobile industry, but they also cover other motor vehicles such as motorcycles or boats, computers, TVs and other defective consumer products. Lemon law also covers defects that cannot be fixed within a reasonable number of attempts or amount of time. Therefore, your vehicle or product does not need to break down the first time you use it to be considered a lemon.

Why Hire a Georgia New Car Lemon Lawyer?

Unfortunately, although most car dealerships and manufacturers have lemon law procedures, many delay the process in the hopes of discouraging consumers from pursuing a formal complaint. The average consumer does not have time to pursue a legal battle, nor the time to figure out exactly what steps must be taken to remedy their situation.

When you work with an attorney experienced in lemon law and consumer protection, you have a strong advocate on your side who can help enforce your rights. In many cases, even the threat of a lawsuit is enough to resolve your claim in an efficient manner. Our Atlanta auto lemon law attorney has handled hundreds of consumer protection claims nationwide, and has obtained many successful results through tough negotiation, in arbitration or even in court.

Get Experienced Help On Your Side — Contact Alex Simanovsky & Associates

We offer a free initial consultation to every prospective client, and we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. This means you pay no attorneys' fees throughout the duration of your claim, and we will deduct our costs from your final settlement. To learn more, please contact us at 678-781-1018, toll free at 866-865-3666 or online. You can also visit our website devoted exclusively to our lemon law representation.

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